Project Management

In today's vibrant businesses environment, ensuring maximum customer satisfaction and timely delivery of a project while maintaining lean cost of resources becomes an everyday challenge to all companies. Outsourcing the project management roles to an external professional firm has become a trend of the most economical and efficient way to cope with the sudden change. Be it owing to that the company is expanding faster than the existing resource can cope with OR the business is downsizing by trimming the headcount to the level where existing resource imply can’t handle the work load. The question is not whether it is feasible to outsource but is to whom and how. Nevertheless, choosing the right partner is very important.

Quasi-Stellar Services Pte Ltd, a team of experienced Project Management personnel who owned years of project management experience in IT and Telecommunication industry. Most of them are professional who has worked for MNC for years.

We offer not only just the Project Management, if preferred, we could also provide Project Engineers. Project Coordinators and associate. As a team, we will be assisting your company to complete the whole project all under one roof.

Our fee charging model is flexible, it can be project-based or time-based, or in the manner you are agreeing on. Feel free to contact us at, our friendly representative will be honoured to answer your queries.

Refer to the article that covers the reason to oursource a project management role.